Why Purchase Stock Photos Directly from a Photographer?

While I understand the allure of purchasing low-price images from large stock libraries like iStock, Adobe, and Shutterstock, purchasing direct from a photographer can actually save you money and elevate your brand. You may save in cost, but you often have to compromise in other areas.

Here are 6 reasons to purchase equine stock images direct from a photographer:

Correctness: attention to detail is critical with Equine and Horse-Related imagery. Proper tack and clothing, safety precautions, and horse expression are all details your audience cares about. Build credibility with stock images and videos made by an equestrian for equestrians.

Quality: Photographers often have a more personal touch and attention to detail, resulting in higher-quality images that better fit your needs. Stock libraries often have a high volume of images, and the quality may vary.

Personal Service: When you buy directly from a photographer, you can request specific images that match your needs, ask for a complimentary image search if you aren’t finding what you need, and even request custom shoots. With big, general stock libraries, you’re limited to what’s available in their database.

Uniqueness: By buying directly from a photographer, you are more likely to find unique and original images that are not widely used. Stock libraries have a large database of images, so it’s more likely that you’ll come across the same image being used by a competitor.

Support: When you purchase from a photographer, you can build a relationship with them and receive ongoing support for future projects. Stock libraries offer limited support and don’t have the same level of personal connection.

Cost-Effective: While stock libraries may seem like a cheaper option, in the long run, purchasing directly from a photographer may actually be more cost-effective because you won’t be wasting time weeding through hundreds of lower-quality, incorrect images.

Are you ready to find the perfect image for your horse-related project? Start your search here:

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