Case Study: Nutrena SafeChoice® Packaging

In 2023, Nutrena Feeds made big changes to their SafeChoice® line of horse feeds, reformulating them with new ingredients to be even more beneficial to horses.

To reflect these changes, they needed fresh packaging design featuring new photos to represent each product.

Initially, we discussed a custom photo shoot for this project, but as their agency worked on the designs, they realized they could find the images they needed within my Equine Stock Library.

All but one of the feed bags now feature images that were already existing in my library. The other was from a library building photoshoot we did in 2017.

One of the benefits of working with me on a custom photoshoot is that if you need additional images from my library, the style of the photography remains consistent.

I feed SafeChoice® Senior to my 30-year-old Quarter Horse mare, who is thriving on this new formulation! As a bonus, I get to look at one of my photos on the feed bag every day as I walk into my barn to feed my horses.

It’s deeply gratifying to see my images helping companies like Nutrena market and sell high-quality products to horse owners nationwide.

To learn more about the SafeChoice® line of feeds, visit

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