Licensing Equine Stock Images to Purina for their 2024 Calendar

This is the sixth year Purina has chosen images from my Equine Stock Library for their Horse calendar. This ongoing collaboration speaks volumes about the timeless appeal of my photography and the connection it creates between brands and horse lovers.

For this calendar, I worked with McCord Design Group. They chose images that fit Purina’s brand and produced a visually stunning calendar that horse owners and enthusiasts will enjoy hanging in their barn, tack room, home, or office.

Purina’s calendar isn’t just for marking dates; it’s a visual celebration of horses. It showcases Purina’s commitment to quality and their love for the equestrian world.

In a world of short attention spans, visual storytelling is crucial. In my photography, I aim to capture not just the beauty of the horse but also the rich and unique environments in which they live. Their continued use of my images in Purina’s calendar reflects the enduring power of this approach.

I’m honored to contribute to Purina’s calendar again this year. This relationship not only showcases the power of equine photography but also emphasizes the deep connection photography can create.









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